Sunday, November 10, 2013

Patch Work

I love doing patchwork, it was like composing a different tune and unite it to became a very harmonious orchestra. I will throw myself into work and isolate myself and forget about my problem. Making something unexpected is what thrill me each time. There are no such rules & regulation and I can just go deep and deeper, and totally obsess in channeling my energy making each of it

I do not allow myself to create something like what others been doing. I rather became a trendsetter rather than a follower. Each thing I create or what I did, I always putting my whole heart into it. 

It was such an amazing journey looking at small little things I discover each time, and this small thing is what big to me. How irritate myself looking at other people that always find an easy way of doing something, I am glad that I remain strong and firmly believe of my own ability. Each obstacle doesn't affect me that much just by looking forward to always have something to offer and make an impact what matters to me.  

I am blessed and thanks Allah for always have a very high spirit, being enthusiastic  and positive about everything:) Embrace every journey you ride and always being true to your own self and respect others too:)


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