Thursday, September 05, 2013

Hello There:)

I apologise for being quite, so much things in pipeline need to be handled at this moment.
Everything just great but been working non stop since after Raya.

I had a wonderful time and experience for participating in Seek & Keep, Artisan Market at BSC for the first time last week. The support and feedback from everyone is just so overwhelming. Me & Lina decided to join again on 21 & 22 Sept, gonna try to produce more products this time. I love the ambience, the organiser and the whole setup.

Kuda for Kyra & Ezanee, she just too shy:)
Good friends of mine Nana, Eita, Shasha & Darling Lina.
Thank you girls for coming. I truly appreciate your full support… muackkk
More than half of my stock gone by 2nd days:)
I am being very productive, creating a products in order to replenish stock in a few shops under consignment order too. Going to restock my products at Poetry of Flowers, BIG Supermarket, Badan Warisan, Jalan Conlay & Back Before Twelve Boutique, Bangsar Village.

Few custom orders and projects need some attention too. For all this hard work I promise to treat myself for a long personal vacation by end of year; to the place that have been in my List To Do for a long time:) I hope I be able to tick DONE this year:) winkkkkkk:)

Wedding Guest Book Custom Order
Wedding Guest Book Custom Order

Order from US

Custom order from Syaza
Last workshop at Emi Kaz Kraf & Butik are great too. I am excited and so happy to get to know new students that then becoming my friend:) All went smooth and I like the space there, cosy & spacious. Very exciting mixture of students, I have student from Singapore  & New Zealand this time around.

Demo time; Jiet & Sassy
Student master piece:) 
Sam, Syaza, Rebecca, Me & Sassy

From french stitch slot 
Coptic Slot
At the end of the day it was always good to see a happy face:)
Shasha & Hooi Luen.
Just another 10 student to reach 600… I can never be blessed than this. Alhamdullillah Allah for a smooth journey that full of happy adrenaline rush:) I truly enjoying my ride. So far so good.

Lots of Love//syam

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