Monday, September 23, 2013

Life is like connecting a beautiful patchwork:)

Hello beautiful people:)

I am so crazy about fabric, and been collecting it since longgggg time ago. There are always a story behind it, or reason why I pick certain pattern, the origin, or designer who making it. I am being sooo overwhelming by just looking at colours, pattern, how intricate each of it, reflecting a different feeling and mood each time. 

Been spending so much money purchasing each of it. 
Furthermore I been using it for book cover, soft toy and bag.

One client requested if I could redesign my patchwork book where she could recycles the cover. I managed to solve the problem, and making another 3 extra patchwork books for BSC Artisan market .. and all been SOLD.. yeayyy

This book has been purchased by a lovely New Zealand lady, 
to be given to her friend in China:)

Blue patchwork book is now owned by beautiful lady Swee Lay:) 
She gave me an idea to separate the cover and inside :)
She been such a supporter and one of my student in book binding workshop. 
Thank you dear:)

The same New Zealand lady bought this too, to be given to her friend in New Zealand:)

 Eu Geen bought this, such a good friend that always came to support our local artist and crafter together with her friend Hui Ling. She attended all my workshop too.
A truly believer of the ability of local talent.
I should give her a medal for being such a wonderful supporter:) 
Thank you so much babe:)

All this book are made with so much work and effort. Each of fabric patch are from different part of world and Malaysia, being put together and like connecting an individual small piece to become one beautiful composition. I am so happy whenever each of my product are all SOLD. This encourage me to strive and make a better product each time, rolling the money to buy more material. Looking at how excited and make the buyer smile, what make it satisfying. It seems all the hardwork and effort seems worth while doing it.

Our neighbour CJ & Julia are so kind enough to share their space:)
They upcycled the furniture, turn the rubbish to become a precious.

Lina stays in Ipoh, Bazaar is the only time where we could meet.
We will talking and laugh non stop each time.
She and me complementing each other in so many ways.
I salute her energy that always look at thing in such a positive perspective:)
I love you babe...
Our corner:) 
Some of my creation:)
Lina's master piece:) 
I met her few months back in Publika. She was such a wonderful lady and I am glad to get to know her :)
Her support really touched me:)
Beautiful day:) Day that I will take it slowly, try to recover from the hectic working on the weekend. But there still much things to do this week, with 2 projects to handle and to be deliver by end of week:)
But I have such a wonderful time, surrounding by beautiful people outside and inside, Nana & Papa J, Eita & Shasha. And thank you to all that came by, crafter artist that never fail to inspire, Aida the organiser such a darling… the right artisan market that I always wanted to be part of.

Alhamdullillah Allah for such a wonderful weekend:)

May you have a great day:) 

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