Monday, December 03, 2012

Hello December:)

Time really flies, and Dec are here to say Hello. It was so far a very challenging year to me, and such a very meaningful year too.

It was always in my dream having a shop of my own, and soon Dec 14 is almost in the corner where I am going to have mine, one important list going to be ticked from my list to do. I thanks Allah for the best year of my life. It was not such a big deal to some people, just a space shared by 3 /4 people and the commitment just for a 3 months but yet an opportunity to be able to be part of Art Row Resident was such a big, huge deal to me.

SO peeps, look for me at Art Row from 14 Dec onward for the next following 3 months.

Oh dear.... I still have much things to create, I do not deny that  am having bit of nervous, because the time left kind of occupied with custom order I received, but I do not complaint... It still a job to me and I always grateful for every rezeki I had. I just wish I had 48 hours per day instead of 24 hours.

2012 indeed such a beautiful journey to me. I will say I am truly happy and bless in every project I involved, every single effort I made. I met up with many good, interesting people along the way, in every workshop I held, every bazaar I joined and total stranger from blog and FB.

I make a few good friends too. It was quite strange how life been planned. We meet up with many people that helping us a long the way of difficulty, even drama in life. I had so many common friend, a few good friends and very little best friends. I supposed in this age I do not want any drama, any hidden agenda anymore and I will keep it just the way it is. It really difficult to find a true friend that always give a shoulder to cry on, doesn't take us for granted and doesn't see us as an opportunity. A true friend complementing us in many ways just like a sugar and coffee, this one hard to find, and I will treasure till the end of my life. 

For all above I will always grateful, 2012 been such a great journey so far.. I am so looking forward to the shop opening and 2013 for more adventurous ride:) //luv luv syam

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