Friday, December 28, 2012

December Workshop @ Lapan

Had such a wonderful Thursday yesterday…I am going ahead with just one student for morning and afternoon session. I really want to see if things work out by having my first workshop at LAPAN. With traffic that smooth sailing, day kind of pleasant and relax to me comparing to the adraneline rush normally I have handling more than 10 students per slot. I am pretty picky when it come to comfortable.

I always feel bless to have partner like or fabric fanatic and being comfortable and clique is so important to me. And I love having my workshop at different places too.. I enjoy to experience new places, and share that with my students.

The feedback for my workshop going to be low for Dec, and I expected that already. But I want to give it a try if LAPAN is a good venue to organise my workshop for the following 3 months . If not I can always collaborate with my previous venue.

I had queries, that public transport are difficult to hop in to Publika. But at the same time I am tie-up with duty schedule, and my time a bit limited for the following 3 months. Having this shop are such a commitment to me. I even quit my part  time job as a lecture which I like it so much just to make sure that this LAPAN collaboration project will be succeed, and definitely work harder than before. So far I feel the strong feeling of self belonging there. Being part of Art Row resident was pretty awesome.

I had enjoyable workshop yesterday, at the same time I analyse the best structure for my workshop too. Elaine C came all the way from Kelang…she is so easy to manage..she paint in her pass time, and her work of detail reflects to books she made. I am so glad in every workshop I held, I be able to meet a wonderful people..I can't be blessed than my current situation.

Elaine master piece; French Stitch & Long Stitch

Sawing time 

Don't worry; no one actually get hurt at the end. We just follow the script given by our photographer
I cancelled my Friday workshop because I thought there are no feedback but then it was ok,  I could  concentrate on some custom orders at home …I just had read my email at night when I came back, that there are 3 last minute application came in.. But then I cancel it anyway.

 I am so looking forward for Saturday. And If you happen to dropby on Sunday at FUYOH Bazaar, come to LAPAN, do say hello to me ya:)

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