Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hello there:)

I've been wordless lately due to the busy schedule I had at this moment. Pheeeewww just finished my Christmas Catalogue design for Delicious... I love all the food there, wild mushroom and bread pudding especially:) Had a photography session with Jaszmyn the multi tasking hard working pleasant client from E&O. I truly appreciate the process that I have to go through before the final design approved.. I am so glad doing stuff for them..High expectation make me work harder:)

I have 2 custom orders for photo album and also a wedding guest book.. 

cover of photo album & fabric sample

I am looking forwards for Art for Grabs next weekends. Been a while since I do any bazaars...but I managed to secure a spot..They are quite picky in choosing the vendor, so it was an honor to be selected this time around..Say hi if you are happened to be there...I am at spot 20 & 21, side by side with Gigi Gee. I am not sure if I could managed to squeeze in creating some new products.... will see how..

I am excited for my upcoming workshop too..I had an overwhelming response...and as usual I am excited to meet my new students.. Around 20 students interested to attend..and some taking morning slot, some are taking afternoon and some are taking both slot...At this moment what I am thinking is the location map to direct to my workshop.. I am renting a simple place, first time trying out having my workshop at Dewan Komuniti.. but I am sure it is going to be a cosy place for teaching. And I am thinking of food I am gonna to serve...a pie made by Eita...and the best velvet cupcake in the world made by Kak Linda... Ha ha ..I am definitely hungry at this moment..

I had a wonderful rushing 2 month this Nov & Dec..the most productive month amongst other months. I definitely riding a roller coaster but I am glad I overcome all the obstacle and challenge and it turn to be an exciting and enjoyable ride after all....

Maal Hijrah are here already, and we going to leave 2011 real soon.... Time flies....too fast for me to catch up..what I am hoping for me and for you is to enjoy and treasure every bit of moment left...take care//syam

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