Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Busy Week:)

Been such a busy week to me...Sad to say I have to cancel my trip to Penang. 3 graphic jobs need my attention, plus teaching and preparation for children workshop at Petronas Gallery next Tuesday.

My application for Arts for Grab accepted, me and Gigi going to be there:) yeaaayy. This is my 2nd participation in the same event. The first one was last year at almost the same time.

Gonna work like a lightning this week, attending meeting requested a design proposal for christmas catalogue next Monday, I have business plan document, website design & helping out friend doing illustration for souvenir items...adddoiii

Got a few custom order for hand bound books and duckie too:) I have interesting story for this duckie whereby the same duckie was adopted few months back and was sending to India to her friend as a gift for their newly born baby girl. Unfortunately the duckie got stolen from their pram while they walking in the park. So they requested the exact same fabric, because the duckie was supposed to grow up as her first toy.

I am on the midst of applying a bigger workshop space at Dewan Komuniti in AU, Wangsa Maju area, to accommodate number of people applying for workshop 12, which more comfortable than doing it at home. So if ever the application go through as what has planned, I am going to announce for available  extra seat to 4-5 more students.

That so much in plate at this moment..more than I could handle.. but I am going to take it easily. And Syamil UPSR result will be out tomorrow...this make me nervous more than all above...pheeeewww.

Take care folk//syam

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