Monday, August 01, 2011

Salam Ramadan

Time flies really fast. Ramadan are finally come, the month which I will slow down any activities which involved bazaar, workshop or any outdoors. I am so looking forwards for this month to have my own moment with family, to guide my kid as much as possible on this religion obligation and ritual.

Top: Rekha Menon creation
Bottom: Carolyn, me & Mei
CY, beautiful handmade creation by Gigi & Lina
Beautiful creation of Carolyn
Entertaining performance:P

I had a nice moment in Pasar BazaaaAA & KIWANIS Charity Mini Bazaar yesterday and the day before. For the KIWANIS Charity Bazaar me and Lina managed to sell 1 footstool RM90>> and 2 books of Pi Chuey RM25(dragon fly) & RM40 (chrochet) for Kiwanis Charity Corner....yeaaayyyy.
Beautiful girl dancing along in Marathon Dancing Line
Eva with Naughty Syamil & Arissa
With our new friend: Wendy
Part of beautiful creation
The traffic is not much but we are truly appreciate for the spirit shown by contributors: Kak Long, Lina, Jaszmyn, Pi Chuey, Shirl, Hui Yuen, Ilyana, Eva, & Lei Ching. We are hoping this is just a starting for a continuous corner in any future charity bazaar. Thanksssss from bottom of my heart. Enjoy the photo taken from both event.

Have a great moderate Ramadan month to all muslims friend and enjoy the sharing bazaar ramadan, Malaysian unique way which pouring with plenty of food to non muslim friends too:) 

Take care//syam

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