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Been extremely busy, and I am glad I finally completed 2 of 3 graphic job from 2 new clients I had recently. When I mentioned that I gonna take a break during Ramadhan from bazaar and workshop, out of sudden graphic jobs are knocking at my door from 2 exciting clients that hard to resist.

Life been always great, I am glad to be be surrounded with people that always trust and believe in what I am doing. My old company offering my position back. The only thing I imagine was for sure I am not be able to pursue what I currently am doing especially my art & craft if ever I joined back.

the only thing that I miss of my old job was my spacious room:)
Those episode was over and I don't even want to consider the offer, eventhough the money side was so tempting. But I believe not all in life can be bought by money. I had moving forward and truly happy. Even now YES there are always obstacle from every angle but that doesn't affect me anymore. I do not bother if the small bumping occur, I can always go to different direction, try a new way of doing, find better solution as long as I am happy.

proposal made for client recently 

And I am considering a teaching offer from a design school. Part time lecturer that only take 3 hours of my time a week. I have a good feeling about this. At the bright side I could share experiences I had in design industry...Guiding and feeding students that hungry with knowledge... I haven't give my answer yet, will wait..never know...

I am going to have my first card making session next Friday, and another 2 continued on September after Raya. The session was for a corporate client during their lunch break. Gonna have 24 participants. Another exciting experience:)

Ramadhan seems moving very fast...So many good things happened this Ramadhan...I am blessed.


Emi Kaz said…
Kak syam u always be blessed my dear..I can feel and see you energy every time i meet you.
Mescrap said…
Cool !!
You are deserve the best in your craft.
Be a lecturer , sounds good..
Little Syam said…
Emi & lay Hoon, both of you are such a darling and have been doing great with your own craft too. You both are people full of encouragement, talent and passion..and I am glad to have both of you in my life:) cheers

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