Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy...busyyyy day

One thing about being on your own, the job came unexpectedly, and you got to grab whatever you capable of, because you never know sometimes..it gonna be a rainy day..This week gonna be a very busy week to me, delivered 20 dolltopias today, 10 duckies and 10 skinny bunnies. Managed to finish some job for friend a commission of fridge magnet, some illustration and photoshop job. Almost finish doing my graphic job, corporate identity, slide shows and business plan for client of mine.

In between I tried to squeeze going out look for craft materials, walking(pecah lemak:P), searching for creative indulgence. A must thing that I will do at least once a week... Need to be out than stuck at home infront of computer. Still have a few proposal need to finish by this year..and I hope my journey will be much smoother by next year..this year is all about trying and face the error...experimenting, networking, creative indulgence..and having fun. Having FUN should be included not only this year but also next year:)

I wish to travel by early next year because big portion of my saving will be channel to build up my small studio..Sedihnya...my small garden and bananas trees at the backyard need to be cut out after raya... I desperately need bigger space for my sampah sarap, books and my craft materials...What I have in mind is something like this..warm and stimulating..organise(maybe)

I took this photos from unknown source.
I apologise of stealing but this picture really inspired me:)
My first book binding workshop will be held at Taman Botani this weekends and I am very looking forwards..to teach. 9 students enrolled, and this definitely gonna be a fun one:)  I will share more photos on the workshop next week. I am going there this Friday for dry run. Will bring Syamil & Arissa along.. They are excited as always, gonna snap nature photos to share:)

 My life has never been happier and thrill:) I would like to end up may day with alhamdullilah.

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Kak Syam... Cayalah!