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SimplySiti...the journey part 1

The creation of the logo was such a long journey, looked easy but the expectation is extremely high. With the name itself, SimplySiti products was created to simplify women needs in order to look beautiful. Behind love shape is 2 S that has been tuned in such a way to represent Siti Nurhaliza, what she can offers and the target market....It meant to appear simple and sleek...The 2 S was like a mirror image that compliment each other, intimate I must say, and the curvy to reflect women nature -the lenggok ~ the contour. The colour - rose gold was chosen to shows exclusivity.

The product itself took about 2 years to develop. It is not another celebrity product and it involved a lot of effort in creating a formula, test and so on.

For my side I involved almost on every aspect of design, from brand, packaging, advertisement, art direction, gondola, concept store. It was like giving birth to a newborn. I always believe that final design is not as important as the journey, what I have learn, the knowledge that I gained before the final one is the most vital... it was trill and excited at the same time to discover many possibilities from different angle.I am lucky in a way, DDEC won the pitch. Client, have gave 110% commitment. Datuk K, he personally have worked very closely with us in order to achieve the final result.

Such a very interesting journey..and I have learnt so much..Sometimes I just can't believe that I managed to complete this project...



Sham, I am proud of you babe!!! Congratulations!!

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