Thursday, July 02, 2015

"Unclaimed Land", Ramadhan & Angel

I's been a while since I last wrote.. I've been busy and the time passing by too fast for me to really sit down and write. But today I feel like to write, a very personal topic.

I have son with autisme, fantastic boy that have a very specific idea, he's very smart and knowledgable. He was like a walking wikipedia and always hungry for knowledge. He will suck all the information like a sponge but only on specific topic that he interested in for example a train, typography, car model & engine, plane crash, top gear, some silly british joke, european politic… sometimes a bit strange.

I keep reminding him that all the internet and topic that he so fanatic about won't help him in his exam. He needs to sacrifice for this 2 years, concentrate and pay attention in his study, because sadly the malaysian's exam driven education is important to bring him to the next level. How I wish I have money to send him to a better school where he can focus on thing that he likes most.. like I mentioned before he's a very specific person.

Since working in my new studio I had to use this "bumping" road a short cut from Pandan Jaya to Desa Pandan. It was really irritating looking at the condition of this short cut road that getting worst from time to time. No one care to repair it but by using the road it save a lot of time, many people still doesn't mind to go through the hassle anyway.

I am so curious why there are no one look after this matter, I even blame an authority that never pay attention to people needs and hoping they could do something about the road. Accordingly to Syamil the road is the boarder between Selangor and Kuala Lumpur and it called"unclaimed road". I am not sure where he got the term from but to know him, he always know something that I have no clue about so I trusted him blindly.

Time passed by the road getting worst and I was thinking maybe I shouldn't wait for anyone, maybe I should cover the hole bit by bit so that the road won't be bumping as bad. It had lingered in my mind for so long like unfinished business.

Ramadhan are coming with the hot weather, many jobs need to be done, all as an excuse. The good intention had drown away like many in my long list of intention.

Surprisingly when I passed the road today, I saw this uncle was doing exactly what I had in mind. I drove by and keep telling myself I had to stop. I had to stop and offer him some help. But I keep driving while my mind had a dialogue with my heart. Looking at the hot weather, fasting, helping out stranger etc.. I just drove by while having so many thought…

Once I reached my studio the thought keep pestering me and arghh I had to help him, so I take a pail and decided that I am going to ignore the hot weather, sweat and my perfume. Maybe the uncle was an angel that Allah sent to me as a reminder. I should just go ahead with my intention but when I came back he was not there… He just disappeared.

Should I just go ahead? I stopped my car and did exactly what I supposed to do… and to be happy can be a result of so many things. YES I felt the hell lot more happier today ...

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