Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello beautiful people


I never been inspired than having a micro look at the beauty of nature. It makes me so happy to be able to capture the organic shape that rich in colours, unpredictable and somehow managed to make me feel the humblest person.

I am a very private person, my studio has became a second home to me. Once a while I open up my door to have a guest or even a stranger. Position my creative nest as a space to spread the love of art & craft, and it is such honour to be able to share it with passionate people.

Been working hard, time really flies it's been 4 beautiful months since I had my creative nest and I am committed towards every flow of life brings me. Believe me it was hectic, there are days I am losing my energy totally but I am glad that my spirit never bring me down. Constant order, constant support kept me going. I never plan anything, I just keep doing, so far so good… I had such a good ride, adrenaline rush becoming my second nature.

I never have enough time for myself lately, every small break, every simple scene is such luxury to me. I appreciate every moment to be able to witness every magic, it may small to other people but it was such a meaningful, important dot to me. I am blessed.

I am blessed with every opportunity, when job could be so much fun, no pressure, being grateful and money is never a priority. Yes there was a lot of preparation to be made…but I will not ask for more than to have an interesting project that far from being a boring monotonous.

Thank you Allah...

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