Tuesday, June 24, 2014

School Holiday Workshop

This is the first time I introduce a workshop for kids for public besides of having my monthly kids workshop at Setia Eco Park. It will be great to have it during school holiday. I managed to get help from Gigi, she's a well known crafter, famous for her polymer clay jewelry. I am so ambitious wanted the kid to create 3 products; paper mache, paper beads jewelry & collage/decoupage frame.

Beautiful Kathleen and her paper bead necklace..She was so meticulous and know what she's doing.
It's kind of experimenting, and see how the kids can cope. I always excited how they manage to explore their creativity and use their bare hand to play around with material and lots of glue… Kids nowadays are spoilt with all gadget and rarely using their five senses.. Some are scared touching the glue, some are having so much fun.

Even there are not many turn out, but the number is enough for me and Gigi to handle. It's not about making money at all..I think, at the end of the day not only the kids learn something, Gigi & me also learn something from all of the kids.

The workshop was full of laughter and love…The kids; Bern, Kathleen, Justyn, Zaimah, Safa, Ling-ling & Shan-shan are such an amazing kids…

Safa are very meticulous and very neat in her works
Shan-shan with her creation:)
I remember my childhood that so rich with happy memories, my mom and dad gave me so much freedom to do whatever I want..How different was the medium that I used to play compares to them. 

Mr Birdie 

How amazing to have Justyn around. I know him since he was such a little baby,
and he has grown up with full of confident and quite talkative too.
He got opinion of his own:)
Zaimah & Safa creation..
Me and future artist? All of them had so much potential:)
Zaimah is a very jovial and happy go lucky:)

She's a bit shy but, she gain more confident and show more interest at later stage.
I definitely miss this cheeky character of Bern:)
I am hoping this workshop bring lots of happy memories and they had learn something out of it, discover their own potential and talent.

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