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Good Bye Ramadhan:(

Time flies too fast, Ramadhan month is almost over. Month that have its own challenge personally for me as a muslim.

Ramadhan will always be a special month that I am waiting for every year. Fasting meaning to understand the ibadah, the reason behind it, being humble, and the ibadah are purely in between me and Allah in a very translucent way. I always treat religion through the humble point of view as an individual without being shaken with perspective of people around me.

My faith, and what I do believe is only me and Allah to understand and no one else. The older I gets the better understanding I have, and the closer I can see how the dot being connected to one to another. There are so much space to improve not only as a muslim but as an individual.

Thank you Allah for always giving me strength, to be able to see honesty and always look at a bright side in every step I make. Alhamdulillah.

Me, Shasha, Nana, Eita get together having a food galore for buka puasa.
Stay overnight at Shasha's place we make Pineapple Tart. And the taste are not bad at all:)
Clip board for Lynn Lim from Eve's Diary 8TV presenter
It's been such a wonderful Ramadhan..
I am enjoying making each of my craft in between preparing a proper meal to my family, everyday.
I had prepared meal for 10 heads almost everyday. My day kind of challenging juggling a time thinking of what food should I serve in between trying to sharpen my cooking skill..hahaha
  But I hardly show any picture of food during Ramadhan
simply because the Ibadah should come first beyond anything else.

With the slow working progress in creating my craft I am grateful for many support from everyone:)
With bff Amanda, that never fail to buka puasa with me every year:) And Mr JC Mountain.. both ex Aquarian.
Dear Ramadhan, till I see you again next year:)


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