Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello, it's been a while:)

It's been a while since my last update. I am really having a slow motion mode, after the end of LAPAN at Publika. I do have custom orders from time to time and that what keep me going and awake:)

LAPAN have been invited to participate in Home Living Bazaar at BSC last two weeks and I think maybe that was my last bazaar before taking a month plus break for Ramadhan until Raya.

One of custom order made for a Kimono Bag
Custom order, big book for an advertising agency
I love the detail for my patchwork book
I had bind another 11 books for the same client
Adding a detail to a Gegurl. Sell at BSC home Living Bazaar
Having a nap during a day was something I rarely do before, but YES after the hard work it seems I deserve a break.

I was having my workshop at Fabric Fanatic again after a long break. I really have a great time and  realise how I miss to interact with all this passionate people… they help to spark my passion, it was always great and glad that every session just so precious as always.

Kettle Stitch Slot;
Top: Pei Wen, Tze Teng,Wei Chin, Hooi Luen, Lee Lin,
Bottom, Soo Juan, Me  & Azyan 

Long Stitch Slot;
Top: Azuwa, ?  & June
Bottom: Me  & Eita
French Stitch Slot;
Top: Anne,  Swee Lay, Peck Yee,  Shiau Lan, Gemma,  Azila , Ai Ying
Bottom: Nabilah,  Azuwa, Affida & Me
Coptic Stitch Slot;
Back: Anne & Nabilah
Middle: Melanie, Me,Samantha & Michelle
Bottom: June & Tricia
With haze attack nowadays, it seems to have an outdoor activities was the last thing I should do. I've been invited to do a promotion at The One Academy, next week Friday 4th of June, so I slowly stock up my products after delivery made to Tropical Spice Garden, Penang. The plan is to have my workshop at TOA by October 12, so they thought it was a good idea to have some introduction to Little Syam before hand. These are something I look forward next week.

Penang Trip
Where my heart always be; my kampung:)

I was bumped into few old couple lately. I  hope at that same age I will forever still in love.
Embracing each new day, appreciating a small little things, holdings hand and having a simple life:)
Planning to go for a day trip, train ride to Ipoh early next week. Not so sure if this is a good idea…but I need to get away from KL. Lina was begging me to come for a long time.

Life been treating me well so far, alhamdulllillah:) Do take care…especially in this kind of weather:)
xoxo // love ; syam:)

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