Saturday, November 24, 2012

Workshop at Fabric Fanatic

Another longggggggg delay post on my last workshop at Fabric Fanatic. Having a support from crafter friend to host my workshop, just something that I am so grateful of. Kelly from Fabric Fanatic used to be my student like long time ago. She was an engineer that decided selling craft material especially fabric is much ideal job than working 9-7. So this time I held a 3 days workshop at her wonderful place.

Marleen, Siew See & Monita from Sarawak

Kettle Stitch Session 10/11/12

Workshop, this time was a bit special to me. It's been such a tremendously enjoyable experience to be able to share bit of knowledge teaching skill of book binding. I had achieved my 500 students that weekend. That show how time really flies. Continuos support from everyone just seems overwhelming.

Youngest particpant, Fun & Sue

Coptic Stitch Slot 10/11/12
Patrick from Seremban & Fatt from Penang; they are showing their skill of magic... and we are like wooooaaa
I will never trade this precious experience and moment with anything. I had students from Penang, Johor and Sarawak that had flied and travelled all the way to attend my workshop. Something that I really looking forward each time I be able to meet up with all wonderful & passionate people. I had made many good friends along the way too.

Ladies from Long Stitch Slot
French Stitch Slot
Shaheeda &Steph

Long Stitch Slot - 11/11/12
French Stitch Slot - 4/11/11
Daphne - my binder no 500
Another French Stitch Slot 11/11/12

I supposed when you enjoy doing things, how difficult it does feel easy, relax and fun. It was like managing the tangle of the thread. You just need to understand each difficulty, manage it and it will sort out somehow, someway:) I miss each of them already & till we meet again people..I had so much fun ///luv//syam

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