Sunday, January 29, 2012

LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop 13

What a blessing moment I had, having 13 girls for my LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop 13.. and what a nice coincident to have 13 students for Workshop 13...

Top: Me & Azzah, Shade & Dye
Bottom: Suraiya, Me, Adlin & Geetha
Top: Patty, Kaylee & Nor
Bottom: Nor, Rebekah 
Geetha, Inara, Patty, Nor, Ruzana, Kaylee, Rebekah, Adlin, Suraiya, Nik, Azzah, Shade & Dye eagerly came all the way to learn the new skill creating a hand bound book. Kaylee was the youngest student and at age 13, she was definitely really really good & focus:) The rest are doing pretty well even though there are some panicking happened here and there. Once everyone get the momentum, they are kind of quite and focus to finish up their own book:) I found that fascinating... quite mean they understand and really into it..

Top: Rebekah, Inara, Ruzana, Geetha & Nik
Bottom: Morning Slot> Kettle Stitch Binding 
My first time having a workshop at The Tea Republic, different ambience, and this time I don't have to think about the food because they take care of it...pheeeew and yeaaayyy. Thanks to ttr that made this workshop possible. Their crew are really helpful too. It was nice secluded corner.... I am too busy, do not have time to check on other vendors and missed their tea tasting session too:(

Adlin & Suraiya > marking & sawing
Nik > sawing time
3 from total students that came was a reader of the article from Going Places Magazine..I am bless again for the coverage they had gave me...TQ to Vivian the editor especially:) Few common friends from Facebook, crafter friends, some recommended by friend or just a total stranger browse through my blog.

Pretty random and I am felt grateful each time and as usual make new friends, wonderful people from various background....It was nice I have all races joining this time and my workshop 13 were truly 1Malaysia:) A few colorful characters really added a spices, filled with love and laughter and all went well...gonna miss all of them..

Photo Session
What an enjoyable session, and I hope they had fun while learning the skill too:) To all students, Sumita from ttr, Rom from outdated and everyone that make it possible...thank you so much from bottom of my heart//syam

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