Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Break:)

Favourite place in Melaka; Jonker Street
While waiting for the boat...
Top: Arissa & Mural at Jonker Walk.
Cruising through Melaka river. I love all the mural by the river side,
it was such a nice scene but pity I dun have clear photo of it:(
family time
Photo session time
Mural at Orang Utan, by Charles Cham 

Making a vintage look by putting tedious detail like cutting
the border by using special scissor one by one...
Hectic process but so worth by looking at the end result:)
finishing of Nirwana's photo album
Yeaaaaayyyy I've done all the 3 books... Glueing time...
and get ready to deliver tomorrow...

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Abiggaill said...

Ahhhhh nnt balik kg nak gambarrr