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What a Great Day.

Got the message from client of Jonker Walk at 8.25 am today:
"Berita harian 2day pg 8 ruangan tengah, keluar our jonker walk kopitiam 1 full page. Tahniah semua. tq very very much.
Abdul halim alias

What a day to start... receiving such compliments. I deserve to be proud because this job like a baby to me, despite of 1001 issues, this piece of art is something that I really proud of and by looking at it every time I took a domestic flight at KLIA, it make me grin from ear to ear... YES PEOPLE I'VE DESIGNED THIS.

This is indeed a  really personal piece that using my instinct, my personal interpretation of the place that really close to my heart. Call me sentimental designer but really I can I splash a colour without feeling of connectivity?

If ever so many thing can be fixed, with better finishing, materials...but I have to be sensible and practical, looking at constraint of time and budget.

A few thing that I want to make it better:

.....if ever the pillar that full of pix snap (picture gallery) at Jonker walk to be replace with actual picture...instead of inkjet printing. 

......if ever the finishing of illustration on table is silk screen effect with varnish or something like what starbuck have in their cafe.

......if ever uniform is a baba nyonya kebaya with pant like my first proposal instead of apron and polo shirt.

....if ever the mural and the out put printing is finer... and the the list is never ending...on and on

As a designer  I always want my design to look perfect, exactly like what I imagine but with 1001 issues need to be dealt with, this is STILL piece of art that I proud of and I am sure that all the people that has been contributed; the contractor, Kunang-kunang, designer cum photographer and not forgetting our dedicated marketing guy, Hasrul.

When you accept everything is just another learning process, you tend to appreciate your life better, and seems "if ever" quote that feel like a burden will be much lighter, and what more can you ask when client has a courtesy to sms at 8.25am...

I really feel this is a great day... thanks Allah.


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