Monday, January 04, 2010

groceries shopping

What can be found in my groceries shopping basket???
location : Tesco Ampang

1) Alarm Clock - to make me alert - time management
2) Weight Scale - weight management.. I've been putting so much weight. 63.8kg..need to reduce it down. Used to be 47kg...I gained 17 kg. Need to slash down 10 kg this year. One of this year resolution...kononnya.. Nothing impossible rite...??? We'll see.
3) Neem Tooth Paste by Himalaya - I've been abondaned Colgate for 2 months now.. Since using this product, I did not get ulser anymore...excellence product
4) Low Fat Yogurt
5) Low Fat Milk
6) Weet Bix - all the fibre I need
7) Siakap Fish.. for lunch, I am going to cook Siakap Stim with Lime juice today...:)
8) Muffin Flour, Arissa has been nagging me to bake for quite sometimes...


Safinaz Yusof said...

hmm toothpaste tu bagus eik...should also give it a try la

Little Syam said...

Very the very good, I used to had ulser.. but now..tak ada langsung, I am boycot colgate