Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine

It's been a while since I uploaded stuff to my blog ...what happening to me? Always not enough time and how I wish I have extra of another 24 hours... but still at the end of the day the time felt too short... 2009 is almost towards the end...so what I had achieved and happened this year?????

1) Japan training trip
3) Bangkok trip
2) Taught book binding workshop
3) Langkawi, Boustead project
4) Participated in urbanscape
5) Project that I proud of; Jonkerwalk, Simplysiti & Boustead
6) Syamil got third place in class and he gonna move to another class, avoiding the bully and yes he's a grown up boy and just had circumcise...oucccchhhh macam lembu kena sembelih.

and what going to be my resolution next year???
1) To be a better person dunia and akhirat
2) Postcard project
3) Art project
4) Travel oversea at least twice...
5) To exercise more & be healthy
6) Reduced my weight to 50-55 kg????

and the list getting longer and longer.... endless

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