Saturday, August 02, 2008

Brass Industry

Terengganu July 2008.

Rescue of dying industry.

When something was not evolve it will either stay as it is or being forgetten.

Brass fact:
Brass metal is an alloy of copper and zinc and the quality of the metal depend on the percentage composition of both these metals. 65% copper and 35% zinc makes the best alloy. The alluring shine of brass is what makes it very attractive. The range of products available in brassware is wide. From craft, utencil, plumbing or heavy industry.

Brass has remain as a part of Terengganu's legacy. Brass craft in Malaysia has been in existence since 500 B.C during the Dong Son period, an age of emerging metal prowess. It is believed that immigrants from Southern China brought along their skills and resided in the East Coast of the Peninsular, Superb brass and copperware items, ranging from traditional designs to more contemporary ones are still produced in Terengganu.

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